Saturday, June 24, 2006

Arthritis Foundation and I Need Your Help

We continue to evolve and learn on how we can make the Arthritis Walk even more successful. One way you can help make a HUGE contribution is simply by sharing your story of how the Arthritis Foundation has changed or impacted your life. Your story can be used to get media, publications, marketing and even corporate sponsorships for next years walk. People want to know how their dollars are helping and what the foundation does for people with arthritis. Personal stories are Powerful and make an enormous impact. I received a personal thank you and story from a young girl with arthritis when I sent out an email to our congress and Senate on a recent issue. I remember that I felt what I am doing is affecting millions of people just like her. It gave me a great sense of pride in what I am doing.

My story is long but here is my brief version:

Before I found the Arthritis Foundation I thought I would have to continue to battle this disease on my own and would forever be alone in my pain and existence. That all changed the day I found the arthritis foundation and it was through my Rheumatologist who sent me to be a Arthritis Self Help instructor as I had communicated to him I wanted to do more to help those with arthritis. Being in a room full of people whom I shared one thing in common gave me great hope and desire to help. Then came the Arthritis Walk and another opportunity to bond and make a difference for those with arthritis. Another area I am passionate about and have gained the opportunity because of the foundation is advocacy. I have been to our nation's capital twice and had a direct impact for getting both Senators Bayh and Lugar to Co-Sponsor the Arthritis Prevention Control and Cure Act. And now I am Chairing the Walk and leading the way for those with arthritis. The arthritis foundation not only provides programs, services and research dollars but they also give people like me an opportunity to take a stand for arthritis.

What's your story? Has there been one significant event that turned your life around due to the Arthritis Foundation? Or there have been many?

So please take a few minutes and share your stories no matter how small you make think they are please use this as an opportunity to give if you have been wanting to but unable because of your current health.

Thank you and please know that I truly love and admire each and every one of you. Your courage and strength are an inspiration to me and I can promise you I will continue on this crusade until my death takes me from this earth.

I anxiously await your stories.

Love and God Bless,


Ritergal said...

David, I left a response to your comment on my blog. Since you don't have a contact e-mail posted anywhere I see, you can contact me directly at ritergal (at) if you like.

Ritergal said...

P.S. If you want people to send you stories, you might set up a gmail or yahoo account where they can send them and post that address...

I use gmail as my "public" address and it works quite well. I do not see spam.